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It’s all about you

If you’re looking to move well, get strong and build your dream physique then our online coaching method is for you.

We take a comprehensive and personalised approach that can help you step up your training and nutrition game to reach any goal.

Strength and conditioning Training
Individualised Programming
NUTRITION and lifestyle coaching
In-person and Online options


Beyond the Barbell has the experience, passion and dedication to help clients achieve real and sustainable goals. This is coaching designed to teach you the training, nutrition and mindset techniques and skills to support all aspects of your life.

Build Muscle Get Strong

Our programming implements evidence-based strength and hypertrophy principles scaled to your level to ensure you reach your aesthetic and strength capability.

Build your Engine

Complement your strength training with conditioning aimed at improving all energy systems and feel capable of attacking any obstacle life throws at you.

Nourish your Body

Our nutrition coaching is focused on getting you the results you want and educating you along the way. Establishing an understanding of the foundations of quality nutrition will mean you can develop a sustainable approach that allows for lifelong results.

Move Well

Individualised exercise selection coupled with feedback on technical proficiency will help improve your movement capabilities in and out of the gym.


Receive guidance on external factors that drive performance such as nutrition, sleep, stress, etc. and notice the improvements in all aspects of your life.

Eliminate Guesswork

Put your trust in an expert coach to structure your training, nutrition and mindset plan. We’ll create a program around your goals, needs, experience, lifestyle, any injury concerns and time availability. All you need to do is show up and do the work!

Find What’s Right For You

Performance Coaching Options

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Take your performance to the next level with a BTB membership and coaches commited to your success.