Beyond the Barbell Performance

our Story

Established in 2016 as face to face and online coaching business BTB/performance was created out of a love of Movement and how it can be used to better our day to day lives.

BTB/performance has since grown and had the opportunity and expand into our first health and fitness facility in the CBD of Warwick Queensland. 

Previously Voyage Fitness Warwick we have now rebranded to BTB/performance, an inclusive community focused gym that is built on a foundation of support, accountability and sustainable results.

We are now ready to deliver on our mission.  


Beyond the Barbell Performance

our mission

Our mission is simple, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to better their health and it is our purpose to provide this opportunity to as many people as as possible.

We will deliver on this through the power of our community, a well structured plan and ongoing support.  

We know that if you are committed to working hard for you want, we can help you achieve long term sustainable success. 





Beyond the Barbell Performance

our Method 

The BTB method employs the notion that mental and physical health are interrelated. When either one is taken care of the other can thrive and in order to take care of either and achieve optimal performance a multi faceted approach is best. 

As our name suggest our method looks beyond just training, we coach on nutrition, movement, lifestyle factors and mindset to help our members achieve the strongest, fittest and most resilient version of themselves. 

We continually test our physical capabilities but it is the mental benefits that come as a result of this that solidified the power of what we do. 




Go beyond your limitS!

Take your performance to the next level with a BTB membership and coaches commited to your success.