Beyond the barbell performance 

Built on a foundation of support, education and accountabilty. Beyond the Barbell is more than a gym. We are a community like no other, committed to success both as individuals and as a whole.

grow beyond your limits 

We coach people from all walks of life to strive beyond their daily gym session. Utilising optimal training, nutrition and lifestyle protocols you can perform and look your best, both in and out of the gym.

BTB-Performance Group Classes
Group Classes

Our expert lead group program is structured to be your complete weekly training plan. Our comprehensive timetable takes the guesswork away, from Yoga and Pilates to world class strength and conditioning, we’ve got you covered.

BTB-Performance 24-Hour Gym Access
24 Hour Gym Access

Our fully equipt gym offers dedicated cardio, strenght and functional areas.  Accesibly  24/7 regardless of your schedule. Train when it suits you. 

BTB Performance Education

Our style of coaching isn’t just telling you what to do. We will educate you on Training, Nutrition, and Mindset every step of the way to help you to become self-sufficient and build lifelong skills.

BTB Performance Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support

Never feel unsure or out of your depth. With around the clock support we’ll tackle any obstacle together and keep you moving towards your ideal body.

Discover Your  Full Potential

Get the results you have always wanted and learn how to keep them.

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Go beyond your limitS!

Take your performance to the next level with a BTB membership and coaches commited to your success.